posted May 11, 2013REINVENTING RATTANrattan-post by Kaitlin Smith

It is pretty obvious from the décor within my store that I have quite an affinity for rattan furniture. I cannot tell you how many people walk in the store and say, “Oh I remember my grandmother had a piece in her sunroom like that, but it didn’t look as nice as this one”. Almost every time I hear a comment like this I tell my customers that it takes only a little TLC to turn that old rattan piece into something you will re-love.

As with any piece of furniture, the lines are key. If the rattan piece has nice lines to it, a new slipcover and a little poly could do the trick! Depending on the state of the wood, your piece may need a coat of stain, as well. Lightly sand the wood with steel wool then use a rag to apply a coat of stain. Let the stain dry for a couple of hours before applying the poly top coat.

The fun part is picking the fabric! A funky ikat looks great on rattan, but white can also be an easy choice to live with. Pillows can provide a pop of color and pattern if you choose the simplicity of white or a neutral. The hard part is deciding where in your home to showcase your “new” piece.