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Sometimes it can be challenging to coordinate fabrics within a room. Whether it be the combination of a stripe and geometric or a bold flower and ikat, it can be difficult to know how many patterns will work. I like to use a couple rules of thumb to create a lively color story within a room–don’t be afraid of pattern or color!

A good start can be a pattern with multiple colors; this pattern will serve as your “road map”. The next step is to decide on coordinating prints which can play off your initial pattern. Varying scales of print are important. Try to choose one large print and a couple different prints in medium and small scales. You want to avoid using prints that may be repetitive in their design.

Have fun with your fabrics–don’t shy away from color or pattern!


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posted May 11, 2013REINVENTING RATTANrattan-post by Kaitlin Smith

It is pretty obvious from the décor within my store that I have quite an affinity for rattan furniture. I cannot tell you how many people walk in the store and say, “Oh I remember my grandmother had a piece in her sunroom like that, but it didn’t look as nice as this one”. Almost every time I hear a comment like this I tell my customers that it takes only a little TLC to turn that old rattan piece into something you will re-love.

As with any piece of furniture, the lines are key. If the rattan piece has nice lines to it, a new slipcover and a little poly could do the trick! Depending on the state of the wood, your piece may need a coat of stain, as well. Lightly sand the wood with steel wool then use a rag to apply a coat of stain. Let the stain dry for a couple of hours before applying the poly top coat.

The fun part is picking the fabric! A funky ikat looks great on rattan, but white can also be an easy choice to live with. Pillows can provide a pop of color and pattern if you choose the simplicity of white or a neutral. The hard part is deciding where in your home to showcase your “new” piece.