posted June 20, 2013 by Kaitlin Smithblue and white



Like many New Englanders, I grew up in a house clad with Blue and White porcelain. I always joked with my mom about how traditional it looked, never thinking that I would one day grow to covet it. I guess I wasn’t too far off with the “traditional” comment, as Blue and Whites have been around since the 9th Century. China is certainly known for their Blue and White porcelains, having perfected the process around the 14th Century. Asian motifs such as dragons, flowers, and pagodas can be seen on fabrics, ceramics, and even furniture.

In today’s decorating world, we see blue and white everywhere! The color scheme is quite easy to live with and seems to work well with many colors on the wheel–coral, yellow, and green to name a few! I’ve been loving the pop of coral with blue, which gives the otherwise traditional scheme a little bit of attitude! Try using coral as a welt on a pillow or even as a pop color in a flower arrangement or painted piece. Blue and White never looked so good!